3rd times the charm

It is no secret that this pregnancy was a bit of a surprise to our family. We were living in Cambodia having a nice quite life when all the sudden BAM our lives were turned upside down! I did NOT want to have the baby over seas and I was determined to get my family back to the U.S. Slowly but surely we all made our way back. My pregnancy was relatively easy I can honestly say that 50% of the time I was having to remind myself that I was pregnant. I had a lot on my plate and my stress level was high until we were all safe and sound together in Utah. 

We really had impeccable timing (and when I say impeccable I really mean horrible). We decided to move into a house 2 days before I was due. It wasn't just moving either I was purchasing and organizing EVERYTHING you might need to have a house. We had sold everything before moving to Cambodia and when we came back we didn't have as much as a spoon to our name! I was sooo ready to check into the hospital on the 3rd of November because to me laying in a bed and giving birth was a vacation!

Ben came into this world without much fuss. I was induced on a Wednesday  (mainly because Dan was going out of town on the following Monday for work). It was nice to have a little alone time with Dan the hours before he was born. We were really still in denial about this number 3 babe. But when Ben came he melted our hearts right from the start and we have been so in love ever since.

Don't I look thrilled!
Mom and Dad anxiously awaiting Benjamin!
Van Felsing arrived!
It took some serious work to get that head of hair clean

My sweet little guy! 
Proud Papa
I know I said it early (and believe me you will get sick of hearing it) but this guy is perfect. He NEVER cries EVER! Its amazing! He sleeps great and eats great and is so chill and laid back! He has not once frazzled me or been hard, and for that I am extremely grateful because lets face it I just could not handle anything else!

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