A Dreary Halloween

Let me count the reasons why Halloween is quickly becoming my least favorite Holiday...
  • It rained the WHOLE night
  • it was freezing cold
  • I was days away from having a baby
  • Kids + Sugar + night = cranky, crazy kids and even crankier moms
  • Jack got scared at the first house because of a pink gorilla mask (scary I know!) and was pretty much hanging on to me for dear life the rest of the night
I am sure there are other reasons I have blocked out but one thing I do like about Halloween is how dang cute my kids looked!

Jack in his "loafy" dragon costume...since when do dragons have love handles?

He was sooo excited this year to get dressed up and talked about it non-stop for about 3 weeks prior. To bad it ended with Dan and myself explaining that everything was pretend and Jack saying he just didn't want t talk about it any more!
Perfect costume for my little busy bee! Thanks Melissa for helping me out in a pinch! 
We did have a pretty sweet Jack-o-lantern this year
Courtesy of Dan the Man
1st and 2nd runner up for costumes this year. It was a close race but the loafy Dragon won in the end!

One thing that Jack really liked doing before Halloween was talk about what he thought everyone's costumes were going to be.

Me: A mean Witch
Dad: Wearing a T-Rex T-Shirt (he knows his dad would never dress up)
Jane: A Ballerina
Gram: A cute witch
Peeps: A Monkey
Auntie Leah: A Snapping Croc
Chloe and Ellie: Butterflies
Auntie Kristina: A cute cat
Heidi: An Iguana
Brody and Xander: Batman and Super Man

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Kristina said...

ah, thanks jack for not making me a witch!