When Dan got back from Cambodia we decided to take a mini vacation and live up at Snowbird Resort for a month. I fought Dan on this in the beginning (it may of had something to do with the 4 flights of stairs while being 9 months pregnant or the threat of avalanches) but I am sooo glad that he talked me into it.

We had the BEST view of 3 of the seasons and lots of family time. It was a such a good way to spend those last few weeks as a family of four.

The craziest rainbow ever.
lots of cozy mornings
Hello my German friends...fun at Snowbird
Surely the next fashion icon!
I'm the king of the world! Jack hiked a mountain with his dad and he was so proud!
More Snowbird
We missed Fall last year in Cambodia but we got our fill of the beauty this year. It was seriously amazing!!!

(taken on a sunday drive up past Alta)

Winter. I have a love-hate relationship with snow. Love to look at how pretty and white it makes everything HATE to be cold in it, drive in it, walk in it, or worry about being stuck in labor because of it! 

One morning it snowed so much that after the plows came we had 4 ft. blocking the garage door! The only thing I could think was "Thank goodness I didn't go into labor!!!" Dan could NOT handle a home birth!

(This postcard beauty was taken right from our living room window...I was not kidding about having the best veiw EVER!)

Snowbird we will miss you! 
I highly recommend staying there off season. It is reasonably priced and sooo sooo pretty any time of year.

***On a side note I am glad we got out of there before ski season! I would have been a widow to the mountain!

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