As my bro likes to say "Too School for cool"

I am "Slightly" behind on my post's. So what I have decided to do is mix my post with old and new. That way everyone can keep up with our current life but I can still document our past.

School days
Ah I am so glad to have my kids back at Giving Tree! I just never got into the groove with Jack's school in Utah. I like talking to the teacher, visiting the class, meeting the kids that my kids are playing with, and that is exactly what I get to do here!

Jack has fallen right back into place. Lot's of his old friends are still here and he has loved seeing them again. He is such a social kid and loves school so much! His biggest concern every day is what he can bring in his backpack to show his friends at school. 
This kid has got a mega watt smile!
I was slightly concerned about Jane's entry into school. She just turned 2 but she is very emotional mature for her age so I thought she would do just fine. She loves to color and do crafts so really school is right up her alley! She can be a little dramatic and hard headed at times so I was hoping for the best.

Her first day was great she let me leave without a single tear and I thought "wow that was easy" a little too easy if you know what I mean. Well the next 3 days were full of tears and literally peeling her off of me! It was sad but I also knew she would love it as soon as she calmed down.

Sure enough she's all dancing and giggles when we walk in now and runs to her teacher without looking back. I can't believe I have 2 kids in school now! CRAZY!

This was day #1 when she was still happy about her life!
She gets a lot of attention at school. Maybe a little too much. This girl tends to be on the spoiled side. No one can say no to those big brown eyes! (but me :))


Barnhisel Blog said...

Wow Rachel. That's quite an impressive catch up. Jane is so cute in the bee costume! Looks like you're all settled... again! :) Melissa

Lance and Em said...

I am loving all these updates! Your kids are getting so big and I am in love with Ben. Congrats!

heidi said...

beautiful kids! we miss them! give them hugs and kisses from us. love you!!