Bali: Day One

This post may seem like I am bragging and it's because

No but seriously Bali was so much fun and met all of our expectations. The only problem is we need to go back about 100 more times to see and do all it has to offer.

Day one was all about the exploring our villa, swimming in the pool, and eating yummy food by our in house chef!

This is our entry way (picture taken from the entrance of the house).

It was so nice to have a pool. the kids would wake up at 7am and have their swim suits on by 7:15.
Pretty cute tush!

One thing that was really unique about the Villa is it was an open air floor plan. Which means the kitchen and living areas had a ceiling but no walls and that whole area was surrounded by water with fish swimming in it (endless entertainment for the kids). 

It was really beautiful and fun for the kids but my big strong husband was almost crippled with fear of mosquito's. (He is OCD about Mosquito's and of course he was the only one who got bit)
A picture of part of the open air living room.
Picture from the kitchen looking out to the pool.
The kids had on floaties 24/7. I didn't want to worry about one of them jumping in when I wasn't looking and although it goes against everything I ever said as a swim teacher it quite agrees with me as the mom.

Oh the food!!! We had an in house chef and it was the BEST thing EVER. The most stressful thing when traveling with kids is "what and when and where are we going to eat?" Problem solved! Not only was it soooo convenient but it was sooooo good as well!

This was a picture of our grilled seafood feast that night. i think it was the only picture of the food that I took which is a shame!

We went to bed tired, sunburned, and stuffed!

Stay tuned for day two...the zoo!

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The Crane Family said...

All I can say is WOW! That looks like an amazing place! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!