Bali: Day Two

The Zoo
On day two we decided to take the kids to the zoo. We really miss the Salt Lake City Zoo and Jack is obsessed with all things fierce so the Zoo is usually a must do with our kiddos!

We were there all day long with 3 little kids and it was hot (like depths of h*** hot!) but everyone did great and we had a fabulous time.

And the award for best overall child definitely goes to this little guy!
They sparkle...who knew?
Moss every where. The landscape was so green and lush.
Cool statues at every turn
This was one of my favorite moments of the whole trip. Some of the girls were teaching Bali tradition dance and Jane was brave and went with them. She was concentrating and trying so hard. She still will show me how they told her to hold her hands...cute!

Jack was seriously digging all of the dragon statues

The Komodo Dragon has made it to Jacks top ten favorite animals.
One of the best features of the zoo was the safari ride. It took you in and air conditioned (PRAISE!) bus through a big reserve filled with all sorts of really cool animals. We liked the big cats and the giant hippo (not pictured)

Still hanging in there...love this baby!

Of course one of Jacks favorite moments was finding these giant dinosaurs.

A long fun filled day and we were all pooped!

Day 3 to come
Some much needed R&R by the pool and Dan's Birthday!

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kristina said...

oh my goodness, we are all trippin on your photos of this place, and can I just say that your kids are ADORABLE!!! I can't even stand it!!!!