haircuts & cupcakes

This month my little BenVan turned 6 months
He also got his first haircut and almost got a taste of his first cupcake

The after pictures
(sadly we forgot to take the before)
So glad to have those curls back!

6 cupcakes to celebrate 6 wonderful months!
The other kids were really pumped about celebrating the 1/2 birthday and getting in on some yummy cupcakes!
I didn't make these beauties...I know shocker! All the credit goes to a wonderful little cake shop called Bloom.

 Both cakes and baby look sweet enough to eat!

LOVE this little guy!
Can't wait to see what the next 6 months will bring!


Kaesy said...

Could Ben and Jack look any more alike? Crazy!

Tuckett and I saw your brother Ben on This American Life last night! I thought it was so exciting! We loved seeing his art!

kristina said...

I can't even stand how cute this baby is!!!, I'm dying to kiss on him!!