Happy Khmer New Year

Jack and Jane had a celebration at school for Khmer New Year. Its a BIG deal here and the school did a great job with the party. They had traditional games, songs, and dances. and best of all let the parents come sweat, I mean PLAY with them!

Cute decorations! Each class added something and Jane's bunny face is pictured above...so so cute!
Quick picture of Jack coming back from music class.
Jane is growing up sooo fast since starting school. She talks my ear off now and is really good at playing with all of Jack's "big kid" friends.
She is a swing junky. 

Pin the tail on the rabbit. It's the year of the rabbit here whatever that means?
This little boy was so cute, he was so excited for Jane to go.

Sweet Success!
Jacks turn...time for the traditional songs. It was all in Khmer which made it really interesting since Jack has a hard time with songs in English...I am pretty sure he was lip syncing the whole time.

He is getting so old. It is killing me! What do you do when your baby boy is all grown up? I am starting to really treasure the hugs and cuddles because I can feel them slipping away. sob sob!

Such a pouty face! He all of the sudden decided he didn't want to play anymore and went to pout. No clue where that came from but I will say that Dan has a lot of pouty face pictures from his youth.
Jacks rabbit mask. He was so proud of it! 

We had fun at the party but we were really excited to go home and finish packing for our trip to Bali and Kuala Lumpur!!!

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