Bali: Day Three

Dan's Birthday!!!!

On day three we had a much needed day of rest out by the pool. The kids were loving the pool and were literally in it every possible moment that they could be. Everyone had fun getting their toes wet and we even had a cake for Dan.
For the record Jack can swim without the floaties but I had a very strict rule of having them on since they were jumping in and out all day long.

Janes rashgaurd in this picture is actually the babies! It is size 6-12 and it fit her almost perfect! A little weird but lucky for us since her shoulders were getting way to much sun!

These pictures were taken later that night after Dan and I got home from dinner. I secretly love when Ben is awake at night after the other two kids have gone to sleep. He becomes a different baby.  I think he knows that he finally has my undivided attention. 

I know I have said this several times but once again...THE BEST BABY EVER!

Dan cutting his cake.
These pictures are really bad because it is so humid at times that when you open up the camera the lens fogs up and takes forever to go clear.

Lucky for us we are quite use to the humid weather by now!

Dan and I got really lucky and managed to get one night out just the two of us. One of the housekeepers took a liking to our kids and the feeling was mutual so sweet Neelou stayed with the kids so we could celebrate Dan's Birthday and go to dinner.

The restaurant was called The Living Room and it was so beautiful. I of course forgot the camera so this is some random photo I found on the internet but it doesn't do it justice. They had an outside seating area as well and it was covered in tea lights and sparkling everywhere!

The food was equally as impressive! We had some of the best oysters that we have ever had!!!

Ok one more day in Bali left and believe me you don't want to miss the next one...it's a doozy!
Monkeys eating out of our hands
Gem of a restaurant nestled in the middle of nowhere
Hindu temples
fire dancers
and best of all Buddha the driver
oh yeah!

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becgarcia said...

I cannot get enough of that CUTE baby! You guys are all adorable, but I want to eat him up.