Christmas Eve

I am a true kid at heart and I believe that you should always get to open at least one gift before Christmas, kind of like an appetizer before the big day. In my family we have always opened PJ's on Christmas Eve and we are continuing the tradition with Jack. He was really excited that I was letting him play with the bows and the paper (normally two items that are off limits because they go straight in his mouth!)

He is so excited but doesn't really know why!

His PJ's were a little over the top. It's probably the only year I will get to do that, next year he may be telling me that he doesn't want to look so silly!
A cute shot of Dan and Jack. We were all getting excited!

Later on that night when all the kids were in bed we started to wrap all the presents. It was crazy how long it took! I'm going to have to get some pointers on how you go shopping and wrap all the presents all the while your kids not knowing. It is my experience that my child is with me 24/7 so how does one pull Christmas off? I guess I still have a lot to learn about parenthood!

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