Christmas Day

Ever since I was a little girl I have always had the hardest time sleeping the night before Christmas. All the anticipation for the excitement to come, well it nearly does me in every year. This year was no different, while the rest of the house (including all the kids) were sound asleep I was tossing and turning. I was really excited to see the girls run down the stairs to see all their presents and I was excited to have my first Christmas with my little family. I think next year I will invest in a little Tylenol P.M. because I was pretty trashed by noon the next day!

Jack playing on the rocker that Gram and Peeps gave him...Thanks Gram and Peeps your the best!

What is that face?!

Jack playing with as many toys as he could get his hands on. A hammer, and ball, and a walker which all happened to be Olea's toys and not his own!

All the kids. Not an easy task to snap a picture of all the kids when they still have new toys to play with!

After it's all done with not much has changed. Jack still just wants to chew on his shoes.

We had such an awesome Christmas! We were so grateful that we were able to make it to Farmington and spend Christmas with my whole family. Gram and Peeps were, like always, the most gracious of hosts. It was so much fun seeing Jack play with the toys even if he doesn't understand what it all means yet! I felt very lucky and grateful for all I have, especially for my little family!

I still will be posting our 2nd Christmas with Dan's family as soon as I get the pictures. We were so lucky that we got to have double the fun this year.

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Cardon Family said...

I love those Christmas pjs!!! He is sooo cute! And he looks like he keeps you very entertained as well!