Weekend Visitors

So my mom and Leah took the long weekend to come up to Utah and go furniture shopping for her new humongous house! My mom was so kind to come up with her so that she could babysit while Leah and I ran around the valley like chickens with our heads cute off! I'm not sure who had the more daunting task, Leah and I having to furnish her house in one day or my mom wrestling a 5 year old, a 4 year old, and a 1 year old...probably my mom :)

I am so sad because I didn't get any pictures of the girls but they were so much fun to have here. I always love when they come to see me. My nieces are the COOLEST girls I know! So smart, creative, and beautiful!

Here is a picture I took of Jack and my mom. Jack has a very special bond with his gram! He always seems so peaceful around her. That is an affect she has on a lot of people! Thanks for coming you guys, we miss you already!

Jack with his two favorite people...Dad and Gram!


kristina said...

Cute pics!, I wish we could have spent more time together this past weekend, I feel like a bum, that I couldn't help with the kiddos! glad you are back blogging, I count on you daily!

Leah Finch said...

Thanks for all your help! You are the greatest! I have a funny but not cute picture of them all on your bed watching Rugrats. Thanks!

Cardon Family said...

so did you get a lot of furniture shopping accomplished? where do you guys like to shop up there for that stuff?