Happy...um...New Year!

Well I am getting off to a rocky start! I think I have been cursed. Dan and I were about 5 minutes late celebrating the New Year and now it seems that I am behind with everything! I am not sure if it is my curse or the fact that I have a little boy WALKING EVERYWHERE and getting into EVERYTHING that has me so behind! I have just managed to take down my Christmas tree, I was debating on whether I should just leave it up for next year...just trying to be efficient! But the thought of becoming that crazy lady on the street who never takes down here lights gave me the motivation I needed to get it done. As for New Year resolutions, well, I am going to give myself one more month to decide what I want to work on because for now I am just to dang tired!

All in all we have had a very busy year! Looking back I realized that my life has become so much more full and I am so grateful for everything, and really I just look forward to having many more years just like this one. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I wish all of you a very happy New Years!

Here are the few picture that I snap right around New Years. (I did a very bad job at taking pictures during the holidays!)

Look at that smile! You wouldn't think that just two seconds before I was telling him "no" he can't play with the trash can. He thinks it's so funny!

A little tradition I am gong to start. Every New Year take pictures of Jack and Dan's shoes. It will be funny when Jack's are bigger!

Jack cheesing it up for the camera!

This happens to be his new favorite pose! Every time I take the camera out this is what he does.
It's a little strange!


Cardon Family said...

I love that idea of taking pictures of their shoes together! I might have to steal that one!!:)

Kristina said...

the shoes are so cute but not as cute as that face of Jacks! im dying!

The Hillan Family said...

It looks like Christmas was so fun! I love Aunt Peg and Uncle Ron! Jack is starting to look like a little boy and losing the baby face. He just gets cuter and cuter!

Steph and Tim said...

So cute! I can't believe he is going to be a year old this month!!! How did that happen?!? It was so good to see you and your fam at Christmas. Tim had a great time talking to Dan, so now nobody should be hesitant to take a family trip so we can all visit again soon! I'm in San Antonio right now, but will give you a call soon! Love ya!

Jamey and Tara said...

Hey Rachael! Cute family! I can't believe how big Jack is already! I love looking at all your pictures!

Leah Finch said...

That is Hillarious! I love the new pose! LOVE YOU ALL

Leah Finch said...

Funny! I'm working on it!