Proper Dinner Etiquette

As good parents should, we have been trying to teach Jack the proper etiquette when eating dinner. Here are some of the rules we are teaching him.

Always come to dinner with a smile on your face!

Take small sips from your drink, do not guzzle!

Make sure plates and bowls are clean and properly inspected.

Try to look fancy and when you are a little under dressed improvise!

Don't forget to be social!

And last but certainly not least, clean up after yourself!


Cardon Family said...

I love that post!! That is hilarious...he is such a spunky cute little guy! How can you say no to that smile and those pearly whites!! Way to teach him early....good thinkin'!

Steph and Tim said...

Love him! Seriously Jack, you can't possibly get any cuter! Miss you guys and hope we can get together before too terribly long!

alisha said...

So stinkin' cute! I love that big grin in the first picture!

Natalie said...

That was so funny...when I started reading it I was thinking "you gotta be kidding Rach, he's not even 1 yet & you think he's going to have good etiquette!?" I'm a total dork!!! I really like the picture of Jack with Daddy. That one's a keeper!

Tomber's Heaven said...

Rachel I love your blog! Your little Jack is so adorable! I love those big blue eyes! I'm glad everything is going well for you!

Carter Family said...

Cute! You are so creative! I sure wish we would have been able to get our boys together!

Tuckett and Kaesy said...

Rach! I'm so glad you found me. We had your announcement of Jack hanging on our fridge until like a month ago when we moved and seeing him all big and a one year-old on your blog surprises me so much! Time goes by way too fast. He is so cute.

Let's really do get together! I would LOVE to see you and hear what's going on with you.

The Hillan Family said...

I think I just might eat that boy up! He is so dang YUMMY!