I hope they call me on a mission...

Dan's little brother who is attending BYU was ordained yesterday night and we got to go! They decided to do it in his dorm room and I guess thats ok if you attend BYU! It was such a neat blessing and I couldn't help but think about Jack one day going through the same thing. He is growing up so fast and it seems to be faster then I want it to be!

We are so happy for Alex and for this next big step in his life. I know he will be such an awesome missionary, he has such a pure heart! I have predicted Russia and I found out that Heidi and Debbie have both predicted the same! I guess we will wait and see!

The whole group minus Heidi, she was taking the picture.

Dan and Alex

Alex, Ed (Dan's Dad and Jack's Grandpa!), and Dan

All the boys: Alex, Ed, Stan, and Dan

I wanted to take a few shots before we left since I had managed to get Jack and myself ready and since it was so pretty outside with all the snow.

Jack was desperate to get down and play!

He loves to roam around outside!

Wondering what are the white stuff is!?!


kristina said...

ahhhh, so sweet! I love the pictures outside! you look so beautiful! love the pink coat by the way! and the guys are handsome as can be! Jack is getting too big already! congrats to Dans Bro! i think Russia is a wise prediction, he looks like he could take on that... oh should I say,... forsaken place?

Leah Finch said...

They look like twins! You look beautiful and Jack is the cutest as always!

Brittney said...

Rach... so cute!!! You guys all look adorable...So after a lot of thought and reading yours and a few other peoples blogs, I decided to get on board... I'm sure you can find mine, it's just my first and last name... let me know what you think, and we NEED to get together soon! I miss you so much!

Liz said...

Hey Rachael! It was fun to hear from you! I have loved looking at your bog- your little guy is so cute! And I LOVE your family pictures. They are amazing! Your family is beautiful and you look so happy. Thanks again for posting a comment on my blog- I had no idea when I started it that it would help me get back "into touch" with so many people. It's a lot of fun!

Tuckett and Kaesy said...

Jack's churchy outfit is too cute. I love it.

Lets really do try and get together. If you and Sam go out, get a hold of me. My phone broke a while ago and I lost lots of numbers so I don't have yours...but get in touch next time you plan something. I'd love to see you both!

Shannon Eves said...

Jack is so cute! I love the pic at the top of your page with him all bundled up and just his eyes showing. What beautiful blues! It's fun to chat with you. You look so pretty in your pictures. I am glad that we can get in touch again.
My parents live in Centerville. When we go up sometime, we should get together.

Cardon Family said...

I can't believe that Jack is already one!! Is he just a ball full of energy or what? His pictures on Kristina's blog are so cute. His eyes are killers...watch out girls!! And his little face is so sweet...if only we lived closer!!