I have many people to thank!

Before I begin let me throw out a little disclaimer. I have attempted to write this blog a few times and each time I do I completely fall apart thinking about all my family, friends, and neighbors that help my family so much. So I am sorry that this is so long overdue.

I would like to throw a little shout out to Rawlins Lane. I miss my street with all of my neighbors! Thank you for all of the help and friendship!

To our friends and extended family...Chip, Adam, Emilee, Rachel, Sam, Emily, Jill, Natalie, Doc and Melissa, Jim, Katie and Jed, and Kelly thank you for your never ending loyalty and help! I seriously would not have been able to survive if it weren't for the help of our friends. Dan and I both feel like we have the best friends on the planet!
To the friends who lived out of town and offered much needed moral support, thank you as well!

To our family! WOW how did we both get so lucky to have the most AMAZING families ever! Heidi and Stan...seriously! To the daily menu texts and then the nightly dinners, not to mention the help with the kids, the moving, the emotional support, and the fun! We are forever indebted to you and your family! Debbie and Kevin thank you for the yummy food, the friendship, the help, and the love that you showed us. I was lucky to have lived near two amazing sister-in-laws. To Robin and Amy, thank you for the late night chats. I would have been very lonely if you two were not in town that first week that Dan was gone! To Ed who made it all happen, we are so glad we got to hang out with Grandpa before we left! To Ben and Kristina, thank you for the babysitting, the moral support, and the make Cho feel better treats! Also thank you Kristina for all the clothing pictures...keep them coming girl! To Paul and Katie thanks for the test run of flying with a baby, your advice was very helpful! Paul thanks for the chats on the phone, you have a very calming effect on me! To Leah, my garage sale rockstar, I could not have functioned without you there! You kicked me in high gear and you are the only person who I know that could have done what you did! You are and always will be my best friend! To my Dad, thank you for making the trip to come and see us before we left. You brought some much needed company in the last week! To Peeps for letting my mom come and for the love and support I have always felt from you. And finally to my MOM! You are my ROCK and I am forever grateful for your love and support! Thank you for loving my kids as much (or maybe even more) than me at a time when I had to put my nose to the grindstone and just work! You were the perfect balance of work horse and tender love. I think it is so amazing that I have two children of my own but I still need my MOM!

We love and miss you all! I pray everyday that someone decides that they desprately need to come to Cambodia for a visit! (hint hint)


Lance and Em said...

Miss you like crazy friend! Life on Rawlins just isn't the same without you!

Leah Finch said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS! I think Jane could be Bella and Edward's baby!