I thought I would make a list of all the things that are different here in Cambodia. Some of the things are a "good" different, some are a "not so good" different, and some, well, are just plain old different.

{Friendly} I thought people in Utah were friendly but they don't even hold a candle to the people here. Everywhere I go people are asking me about my kids, how long we have lived here, how we like it... the list goes on. Next time I live in the states I am going to talk to all those people who are obviously "visiting" like I am here. It has a way of making you feel welcomed.

{Sidewalks} Oh man I sure do feel sorry for any one who is in a wheelchair here. Maneuvering my double stroller has been quite the challenge!

{Electricity} Power is such a valuable commodity here. The city has frequent power outages (lucky for us our apartment has a generator) and power is also expensive so people do what they can to conserve (something I think the whole world should be doing). Even though I am not really affected by this, besides the power bill which is still cheaper or the same as the U.S., I am learning to conserve since I know so many people are affected by the power outages.

{Rain} It rains everyday...not my favorite kind of weather.

{Transportation} I MISS MY CAR!!! I never knew what kind of freedom I had with my own car! Not to mention the carseat is the BEST babysitter ever! Back in the U.S. i was known to throw the kids in the car for no particular reason and just drive. Many of you received phone calls from me at this time because I was hands free (besides the steering wheel ;) and the kids would just lay back and take in the view...pure bliss if you ask me! I don't want to seem spoiled because we do have a driver, Mr. Nak (a.k.a. Mr. Mak if your Jack), and he is great but I have to wrangle both kids in the back and I am usually on someone else's timetable. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to tackle the wild street here.

{Ants} Small and totally harmless these little guys creep into my kitchen if there is one single speck of food out. Man they would have taken over my old house! I have a windex battle every morning with them. I have a feeling Buddha would be very disappointed in me! HA!

{The staff} Everyone from the guard at the gate to the girls who come in a clean, they are all amazing and have made us feel so at home. They literally grab the kids out of my arms the second they see me. The kids adore them!

{cleaning} or lack there of! The wonderful people I mentioned above come in everyday and make our beds, sweep, mop, do the dishes, take out the trash, clean the toilets, do the laundry and iron, and I am sure I forgetting other things. Lets just say I LOVE it! It is much easier to concentrate on the better things in life when you don't have to do all of that! Not to mention it really isn't any fun at all!

{home cooking} Lets just say the kitchen hasn't been used for cooking yet! We eat out ALL the time and I am getting a little sick of it. I could really use a nice home cooked meal. The only problem, I have no idea where to even start. We are in the process of finding someone to come help me learn some dishes and help me go grocery shopping. I really do miss cooking for my family if you can believe it!

{price} Man oh man I love when we eat out at a really nice restaurant and get the bill and it 's only like $11 dollars for all of us! Or getting and hour long message (better than any I've ever had) and only paying $7. Some things here are just soooo cheap! U.S. is OVERPRICED!

{Shopping} I could really use a Walmart or Target right about now!

{Family} It's all about family all the time and this is the BEST "different" I could ever ask for!

I miss and love all of my family and friends. If I haven't called you yet I promise I will. We are settling in really well here and I am very grateful it has gone so smoothly. It's really cool to see my husband here. He is so smart, kind, and all together pretty amazing. I am very grateful for him, if he weren't so "on the ball" life here could be pretty scary! This has already taught me some pretty valuable lessons in life and I look forward to all of our families new adventures! For now, so long!

p.s. next post will be LOTS of pictures, but here are two to hold you over. I took these this afternoon when the kids and I were being lazy in my bed. I can't get enough of these two!


The Crane Family said...

What an adventure you are having! That's so awesome. I'm very jealous that you have a daily cleaning lady and hour long massages so cheap! We missed you at Hudson's party. It was fun. Love ya.

Diana said...

I can't believe that you have someone that does all of the cleaning! my dream come true! how ever i have to say that you are so brave. i could not do what you are doing!

katie said...

ah cho! this post makes me happy and sad.... happy that you guys are doing so good all the way across the world and sad because you are ALL THE WAY ACROSS the WORLD! Jack is looking so much like a little boy, his hair cut makes him look so big :) and Jane is just so dang cute! our little baby girls are getting so grown up. we love you guys so much! & miss you too! call us when you can, i know paul would love to hear from you.

Kaesy said...

Rach, you're living the dream. I am seriously more jealous now. Not only are you out of the country and experiencing life, you're getting your bed made and your clothes ironed while you're at it? IMPRESSIVE!

So excited for you. How nice.