School is cool

Jack has entered the very prestigious world of PRESCHOOL...

I am completely thrilled that Jack is in school and LOVES it! He walked right in and said "bye bye momma" and then when I came to pick him up he said "bye bye momma" {so much for separation anxiety} I had imagined this day going down with lots of tears on both sides and biting my nails until the moment came to go pick him up, but turns out we both really enjoyed a little time apart...HA!

Here is my little school boy on the steps outside the apartment. He was so excited to finally use his dinosaur backpack!
Burning off a little of that excitement while we waited for the car. This is his new bike and it is pretty hilarious to watch him tow Jane around.
After his first day he was hot, sweaty, and smiling from ear to ear. Nothings better then a little boy that is happy and worn out.
{I'm thinking he was a tiger for part of the day}

Here are a few pictures of the school. It is called The Giving Tree and we fell in love with it from the first day we visited. At first they had told us that there were no openings and I was so sad but lucky for us they called back and we could not be happier! On top of a regular preschool curriculum they also teach swimming, yoga, gardening, and french.

The pool
Music Room
They also have a great outdoor playground.

So there you have it our Jack is growing up fast and becoming such a good boy. He has a heart of gold and has done so well with his transition here. We are so proud of him and think he is the coolest 2 year old around!


jordan said...

looks awesome! so glad he is enjoying it. I LOVE time away from kead, it energizes me to be a better mom the rest of the time cause 2 year olds can wear you out! glad he is having fun!

Lance and Em said...

Preschool is the best!!!! It looks like you found a great one... make sure to get a picture of Jack doing sun salutations!

The Crane Family said...

That looks like a great little pre school! Congratulations Jack! So glad the transition went well!!!

Cari said...

Rachee. We miss you!! We got to visit in Farmington. Jack and Jane are soooo cute. Wish we could all come and see you.
Love you.

Kaesy said...

That school is the bomb. I want to go there!