I have a new fantasy. It's called sleeping through the night.

Really it's more then that. In my fantasy I go to a hotel (by myself) check into the quietest darkest room and sleep for 24 hours!

Ah, sleep, it's a beautiful thing....when you're getting it!

My sweet little baby has decided that 4 or 5 am is a suitable time to wake up. She just jabbers away solving the worlds problems one morning at a time. I keep thinking that tonight is going to be the night that she figures this all out. You see my sweet baby used to be the most sleepy baby around. She has always slept great and I have really never had those "pull your hair out" nights with her...until now.

Oh well, I guess sleep will stay a fantasy for now!


katie said...

nora is doing the same thing right now... only she doesn't wake up till about 7ish and then usually falls asleep after she jabbers for about 15 min.

BUT jane is so dang cute! i still cant get over her teeth!

Leah Finch said...

I want to go! Sounds like the perfect vacation we'll just get joining rooms of silent bliss!

kristina said...

ohhh man, I am so sorry! on the brighter side, you do have time to nap because you don't half to CLEAN HOUSE!

Cardon Family said...

Oh....that sounds sooooo nice! Isn't funny how a total complete vacation before you have kids changes to a dark hotel room for 24 hours after you have kids!:)ha...its the little things!