Check out these PEARLIES!
She's loves to show them off!


katie said...

CHO! oh my goodness! i cant believe how many teeth she has! what a dang cutie patootie! nora has her 2 bottom teeth now... & she was not a happy camper when they came through last week.

we miss you so much & love you guys! give jack, jane & dan big hugs and loves from us :) paul and i would love to come to cambodia... without nora ;)

Lance and Em said...

She has got to be the cutest baby girl on the eastern hemisphere! Oh, I just miss her to death!

Leah Finch said...

LOVE THESE! I just keep thinking of Edward and Twilight!; )

kristina said...

whoa, just like my bella, she is now losing her two bottom teeth, I thought something was wrong with her but she did get a mouth full like Jane when she was itty bitty!