Things I have learned...

After a lovely chat with my mom the other night I got to thinking...what have a I learned through this experience so far?
All was quite {everyone was sleeping} and it was a perfect time to be alone with my thoughts. I decided to get a notebook and write what I was thinking so I would not forget.
I think I will start doing this from time to time to remind myself that 1) I am always learning and growing and 2) I am lucky to learn about a new culture and way of life.
So here it is my list of "Things I have learned"
{so far}

  • You actually CAN drive into on coming traffic {and not die}
  • It's not wise to fight with your husband...especially when he is your ONLY friend
  • My kids LOVE attention
  • I really like having help
  • Apartments aren't as bad as I thought they would be
  • You don't need an oven to cook dinner
  • Jack has an immune system of a horse {he puts everything in his mouth and still hasn't gotten sick}
  • I miss cookies a LOT
  • It is pointless to get upset {especially here because no one cares}
  • White people and rich people are usually rude
  • Ants are very sneaky and so are mosquito's
  • I still have to talk to my mom every day
  • I actually like change
  • I don't care what my car looks like as long as it drives and has air conditioning
  • Cambodians smile even when they are telling you bad news
  • We {as in Americans} are VERY spoiled. Even the poor are not poor compared to here.
I truly hope that seeing people live with so little will always keep me grounded. I never want to forget that I am incredibly lucky to have what I have and it just as easily could have been me working for $50 a month if I had been born here.

Really the only thing that makes one different from the other are one's circumstances. We can either choose to let that separate us or we can choose to look past it and see what we have in common.

I am grateful for this experience I hope that I can continue to learn and grow while I am here. I also hope that my children grow up with a better understanding of the world and the people who live in it.


Niki Carter said...

That's great Rachel. I am glad that you are having such a learning experience. Thanks for sharing.

Kaesy said...

I love that you wrote stuff in a notebook. I've been a "notebook" person for YEARS. Never actually gotten into a journal. Just write little tidbits here and there and I almost always have a bulleted list like yours. Funny. Keep writing things. It's kinda fun to have them all on my bookshelf and look back at random thoughts I've had.

kristina said...

i love to read your thoughts! your amazing!

The Bell's said...

You sound so grown up! You are pretty awesome! I think we can all learn a thing or two from you. That was really good for me to read. I love and miss the crap out of you!