Our menu tonight was....

Pork and Beans
a slice of deli ham cut up and added to the Pork and Beans
One apple sliced and shared
a couple slices of bread {for dipping of course}
A PB and Honey Sandwich {Jack+Me}
A PB and Jelly Sandwich {Dan}
One can of Diet Coke {Shared by Dan+Me}
One Juice box {Jack}
Oh and Fruitloops and Mentos for dessert

I could really go for a Subway {as in sandwich} about now. Weird I know, but it has always been my "go-to" fast food joint when there is nothing to eat for dinner.

6" Turkey Sandwich on wheat, spinach, pickles, ranch, Salt+Pepper and don't forget the chocolate chip cookie. HEAVEN!

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Kristina said...

That sandwich +cookie sounds yum, maybe I will eat one for you! I loved seeing jacks new school! Geez it looks nicer than any other little school I've seen! He will be miles ahead of coco! And we think he is the coolest 2 year old too! And scooter muffin is screaming I need my auntie Kristina to squeeze me!!